In a perfect world, everyone’s final wishes would have been carefully detailed ahead of time. Ideally, everyone involved would trust one another on how the property was managed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, leaving loved ones, dependants, the money and property managers, and others to work together to figure out how to move forward. To help you in these cases, our team of experienced estate, wills, and trust litigation and dispute resolution experts provide a comprehensive range of services, including matters arising from before a loved one passes away, such as in a power of attorney matter, or in matters arising after a loved one passes away, such as estate disputes, dependant claims, and other remedies.

Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution
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Our estate litigation and dispute resolution professionals provide our clients with support either before or after a loved one passes away, when their next steps are unclear or disputed. Our dedicated, compassionate, and experienced team is able to provide the advice and the solutions you need to resolve your questions.

A Comprehensive, Solution-Focused Practice

The passing or incapacity of a loved one is a challenging time in your life, made that much more challenging by any necessary legal action.

In addition to planning services we provide for Wills and Estates, the Walsh team is experienced and recognized in the all forms of estate litigation and are ready to bring a personalized approach to your situation.

Not only does the Walsh team work collaboratively with clients, they also work across disciplines within Walsh’s team. If necessary, other subject matter professionals such as the family law and agribusiness lawyers are available to ensure every estate matter gets the attention it deserves to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Some specific services we provide:

  • Confidential mental capacity assessment and follow up to determine the legal validity or invalidity of plans, decisions, or transactions.
  • Obtaining financial information and following up the flow of funds or property transfers to ensure your rights are fully protected
  • Securing assets (“freezing assets,” as it’s commonly known) while we assist in a full investigation and, if appropriate, reversing the questionable transactions and holding the people involved accountable
  • Addressing wrongdoing by decision makers such as the attorney or executor, or responding to allegations by others.
  • Advising on rights and remedies of interested parties, including attorneys, executors, and beneficiaries
  • Advising on and asserting rights to dependants’ relief (also known as “family maintenance”)
  • Representing clients in legal action to address the validity of estate related decisions or documents (whether they occurred before or after your loved one passes away)
  • Advising on the rights and duties that apply, whether or not there was a will.
  • Advising on the probate process and the administration of estates and trusts

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These aren’t just our people – they’re yours. From partner and associate to support staff, every Walsh employee is committed to providing the best service possible.

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